It’s been very busy since we got behind during the holidays, so now a bit of catching up.

One of the Guard Supervisors at the Embassy is a good friend of ours and invited us to dinner the day after New Years.  He had been bragging about his wife’s cooking, so I called him up on it.  His name is Burack and his lovely wife is Funda.  I mentioned Burack before with his southern English he has mastered.  He learned it many years ago working on construction sites with Contractors from Louisiana and Texas.  Sometimes when he talks to me, he will stand with his feet slightly apart and his hand on his over-sized belt buckle.  So, below are pics of the incredible food we ate!  The fist one is a “bread crusty” thing full of rice. (don’t know how else to describe it.)

IMG_0095IMG_0097Then all the rest!

IMG_0096IMG_0104Below is Burack and Funda, then me and the little one.

IMG_0093IMG_0094Along with me and Terese, there was another guard from the Embassy and a gentleman who works in the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

IMG_0108 IMG_0109We finished the evening off with chestnuts.

IMG_0111That next day, Sunday, I headed to Adana for a week.  On the way, we pass by an inert volcano which happen to have a beautiful cloud formation on it.  Then is a picture of the city from my hotel window.

IMG_0115IMG_0127One day last week, I headed further east to another city to do a little bit of work and had to take a few pics of the food we ate at lunch.  That particular city is well known for its food and I have to agree.

IMG_0125 IMG_0126The picture below is a kind of a salad soup.  I never would have thought it was any good, but with just the right amount of spices, it was amazing!

IMG_0124Okay.  Heading off to Istanbul tomorrow.  Kick butt.  D.