Last night two events took place that required my attendance. Savas Uyar, one of my Turkish security techs married a pretty Ukrainian girl, named Vita; and at the same time the 2015 Marine Ball was commencing. So, I attended the wedding first, which as with all Turkish weddings, is a simple process. The bride and groom enter the Nikay Salonu, (Wedding Hall) and sit at an elaborate table with the female facilitator and the two witnesses.  The facilitator speaks a few minutes to the audience, causing a bit of laughter, so I laugh along with them not knowing what was said. Then she asks the bride something who responds, Evete (yes). Then realizing she needed to speak louder, Vita leaned into the microphone and again, with a little more voice, Evete!

Then it was Savas’ turn. The facilitator asked him something and he leaned toward the mike and stated, very loudly, EVETE!! And everyone erupts in applause! At this point, the Facilitator has Savas and Vita sign a large book, and then passes it on to the witnesses to sign. Afterwards, the facilitator turns to Vita and tells her something unusual to an American wedding. I was sitting next to a very interesting gentleman I have met several times, who speaks incredibly good English. He leaned over to me and said, the facilitator told Vita, that her last name has been changed and she is now Vita Uyar.

This was the second Turkish wedding I have attended and found it interesting that during the whole process, from entrance to the concluding processional, there are several people moving about taking pictures, even close-ups, sometimes just a foot away from the couple.

IMG_0188IMG_0192IMG_0200After the ceremony, the couple stands outside the chapel and the hand-shaking and congratulations take place. This is followed by cake, singing, dancing and yes, drinking.   … and all is right with the world!