A few months ago, Terese started having pains in her left shoulder, which over the next few weeks, started having loss of feeling down her left side.

She went to the doctor at the Embassy who told her she had a displaced first rib.  Don’t feel bad, I’ve never heard of it either.  So, they sent her to a chiropractor who did blood tests and MRIs.  What the tests showed, was Terese had several herniated disks in her neck and upper back, as well as calcification in several.

The calcification indicates the damage has been there awhile.  The Doc asked Terese if she had been in a major accident in the past year and a half, and Terese said, No, but I got ran over by a bull several years ago.

It turns out, when Terese had her short dance sequence with the bull three years ago, she landed on her head which caused damage to her neck.  Since then there was no noticeable effects of the bull other than a damaged foot, until she started having the pain in her shoulder.

Now, after several weeks of physical therapy, with several more, she is healing slowly but steady.  The therapy is painful, but the shoulder is improving and the numbness is gone.

I don’t know of any moral that can be expressed here, other than choose your dance partner wisely.

… and keep kicking butt.      D.