In our travels in the world, we see a magnitude of people from all stages of life.  I have come to realize the most interesting are the very old, and the young adults with tremendous potential.

After our long R&R back in the States (more on that later), I had to run to Istanbul for a week and I took Terese with me.  During the evenings, she would sit out with me with drink and cigar and watch the people.

There was one old man that held our attention every evening.  We think he is a regular in the hotel we stayed at, and looks to be in his nineties; but people in Third World countries, (and Turkey is still Third World whether they admit it or not), tend to age quicker than those of us in the States, so he was probably in his eighties.20150723_191050Every evening he would go to the Executive lounge and the wait staff would take him and seat him at the table where he always sat.  It was a small round table, and if some of the chairs had been moved to other tables he required all to be returned to their places.

Always had a light meal brought by the staff, followed with something sweet.  Then he had his chai (tea).

Afterwards, he would sit and talk to himself. After awhile, I noticed he started with unusual hand gestures that seem to coincide with his speaking.  It was then I realized he was saying his evening prayers.  Islam requires Muslims say a rote of prayers five times a day.  His gestures were a symbolic cleansing of the body before praying.

It was most interesting to watch the good man.  No telling what his past would reveal.  What did he do for a living?  Any children?  Any accomplishments in Life?  His loves and his fears?

… and yet this can be said for all of us.

Take care and keep kicking butt.   D.