This is my favorite season.  It has the dangerous storms, lethal lightning and horizontal rain.

About 10 years ago when we lived in Texas, we had an incredible storm roll through the small Texas town.  The next morning, as I laid in bed trying to get the eyes to open, my wife came into the bedroom to hand me some coffee and casually said, “Honey, what did you do with the swimming pool?”


“It’s not in the backyard.”

“Huh!”  Then I thought she is probably pulling a joke on me, but got to thinking, why would she come up with such an outlandish comment.

I jumped out of bed and realized why she had the outlandish comment, because it was indeed true!

The swimming pool was no longer in the backyard.  When we went to bed the previous night, it was there and now it’s not.

So, I adopt my casual attitude like I knew what happened all along.

“Well, honey, what probably happened is … well it was, it is …..” …and I let me voice trail away.

Below is what the swimming pool looked like, minus the pool.

????????????And this is what I found when I stuck my head out into the alley. The camera picture was blurred and I’m sure the situation had something to do with it. ????????????The pool was almost empty with about 3-4 inches of water, but was still sucked up and tossed over the fence.  I took it apart since the majority of the metal was bent and gave it a proper burial at the landfill.

Yeah!  I love this weather.  Keep your feet anchored to the ground and head up, so you don’t miss any of it.  D.