After sitting on the Mediterranean coast in Mersin for three days, we traveled back north to the area known as Cappadocia about three hours away.  These rock formations are part of volcanoes where the surrounding soil eroded away leaving only the cores.  We will go back again to get many more pictures later, but these were taken as we drove out of the area.

s101_7984 s101_7982 s101_7981 s101_7980 s101_7977 s101_7976 s101_7975 s101_7978Many of these unusual formations have houses built into them, even hotels.  Look at this picture below:

s101_7983And always add a picture of a pretty lady when you can.s101_7979We will visit this again before the cold weather returns.  Bear in mind all who plan to visit, these are on the agenda.  And what you see here, is but a drop in the bucket of what is out there.  To get a better grasp of the this incredible sight, go to Wikipedia.

Kick butt.  D.