Last weekend, we had another Wingfest and had about 45 people show up.  It was pretty much the limit of our apartment.  So, the next one in a few months will have to be somewhere else.  As I took these pictures, I tell people they are for my 900 year old mother.   No one objected, so I will post what I want.   Below are the beginnings of margarita fixens. 101_7849 The chicken wings 101_7850s The chicken wing cook.101_7851sThe chicken wing cook’s damn cat before the fest.  Once it started, we neither saw nor heard, hide nor head of her.101_7853sSome of the finished delicacy.101_7870sA strange variation with rum.101_7871sOne of the special quests of the party, Donna (working in Afghanistan) on the left and our good Turkish friend, Ayda on the right.101_7867s 101_7868sZeynep and Ayda, both Turkish beauties.

101_7883sAnd various shots of good people.101_7885s101_7884s 101_7882s 101_7880s 101_7878s 101_7876s 101_7874s 101_7873s 101_7869s 101_7866s 101_7865s 101_7864s  101_7859s 101_7862s 101_7863s 101_7855s 101_7854sA few shots of some of the good Marines who attended.101_7857s 101_7856s 101_7858sFinishing the evening with Marines and cigars.101_7887sWe plan to do another one in a few months in honor of another good friend who will be leaving soon.  D.