There is a little Turkish girl who works on the Embassy cleaning crew, and once a day comes into our office to empty trash and clean.  I am impressed with her, because of her quest in learning English.  I have been told that if you enter her little area where she changes clothes and takes her breaks, you will find little stick-on notes of English phrases.

I mentioned her before, how she works seven days a week, cleaning the Embassy and then people’s apartments on the weekends.  She amazes me.  I guess it’s because I’m used to Americans who think the world owes them a living, and end up disappointed because they did not get whatever nonsense they felt should be theirs.

Her name in Nadia.

One day I was working on a piece of equipment in the hallway, and she walked by repeating the words:

“Take. It. Ea-sy.”
“Take. It. Ea-sy.”
“Take. It. Ea-sy.”

Over and over.  I realized someone told her the meaning of it and she was memorizing it.

A few days later, I walked past her in the hallway and casually said, “Take it easy.”  She had this enormous smile on her face and gave me thumbs up.

I am impressed with this little girl because she has the passion and determination to learn English, far beyond anything I would have.  She looks upon me like I am someone special because I am a diplomatic American, when in reality she is to be commended on her personal achievements.  I am humbled by her and many other Turks in the Embassy.

I realize, I am no one special.