I grew up in the Texas Panhandle where the land is so flat and barren, the birds use cows as landmarks.  The winters can be frigid, dry and windy; or snowy and wet.  The summers can easily reach above 100, and add the dry winds and it can bake a log.

It was always a thrill to head to the mountains for a spell, where the moisture fragrants the air and the pines whisper to you.  But something the mountains don’t have, are the sunrises and sunsets of the flat land.

Certain times throughout the year, I would drive out to the edge of town with my 35mm camera and take pictures of the sunsets, where the sunlight traversed through the moisture of the mountains of New Mexico, hundreds of miles away.

In the places of the world that I have the privilege to be, I have yet to find a place to rival the colors of the Texas Panhandle skies.  In sitting here and thinking about this, I realized all the colors were there, even green – the one color that is not desired in the skies, for it indicates the presence of hail.

I would guess that I have taken no less than a thousand pictures of the displays of the Texas Panhandle.  Many are digital, and there are hundreds on developed film.

At the possibility of boring you, I would like to post a few below.

DSC00825 DSC00829 DSC00823 DSC00821 DSC00828 sky19 sky36e sky53 sky32 DSC00827 sky13large29e sky08 DSC00541

– My compliments to the Creator.      D.