For those of you who have been reading this blog for some time, you remember Hiwot Bahru is a pretty medical student that we help put through school.  She sent me an email today telling me her mother passed away.  Most likely her mother was much younger than me, and Terese pointed out that Hiwot’s mother was diabetic.

I dug back in some of the earlier postings and found where I wrote this:

So Terese joined me the other night, and while we talked to her (Hiwot) about her school and medical work, she mentioned that her mother, who has Diabetes, has to have regular injections.  But now Hywät gives her the injections.  Then she stated, “My mother tells her friends, `I don’t need hospital now, because my daughter is nurse and gives me injections.’  Then Hywät smiled and said, “When my mother says that, I am very happy!”

Hiwot is one incredible little lady who I know beyond doubt, has the Creator looking down upon her and smiling.  So, if any of you are spiritual, please drop a note to Him asking for consolation and peace for Hiwot, her brother and their families.