A co-worker took us to a shopping quarter in Ankara called Ulus.  From what I understand, it is the center of the original Ankara city.  It now encompasses some of the best shopping in Turkey with many shops, restaurants and hotels.

I had been there about three years ago and found it quite an experience.  After being there today with more time to explore, I see it is a treasure to behold, like an emerald in the sand.

My co-worker had been telling me about this particular place that sells old doors and sections of woodwork from old houses.  I am in the process of building a unique crystal radio and wanted an unusual box to place it in.  This was the place.  Those who come to visit will be enamored as we are of this rare find of treasures.

We first had lunch at a museum that had a very nice restaurant in it.  Then headed down the steep hill to wonder in and out of the shops.

You will find many various shops.  Coppersmiths who rattle away on copper sheeting producing intricate artwork.  Rug dealers selling some of the rarest carpets with the richest colors and designs.  Brass goods which reflect the sun throughout the shelving.  Shops with an assortment of furniture from the previous two centuries.  Textile shops with mounds of fiber stuffed into baskets outside their doorways.  A great many shops selling a variety of nuts and spices, sitting outside tempting those passing by with a taste.

Every shop we stopped in, we were asked “Would you like some çay?  (tea)”

Oh, no thank you.”  Five minutes later, a small saucer with a curved glass of hot tea was brought out and handed me.

Teşekkür,” (thank you)  I replied.  It was always sweetened with lemon in it.

Three years ago, I took several pictures of the area, and with what we took today, some are below.

IMG00069-20131228-1236Inside the restaurant at the museum.

DSC_00955575103909_c7c7a0006d_b 5575691214_62dd6318a4_b5575692194_a70eaa002d_b 5575692896_eb25d9a3b8_b5575736912_55fe9890f6_b 5575740490_d39bb21387_b 5575738892_03f5e68a7a_b 5575737342_109a760e51_b DSC_0093 5575701800_c88102dcaa_b5575157537_50f615b874_b 5575154467_b0af890179_b5575156899_9045a54030_b 5575156505_b25f67b17c_bIMG00075-20131228-1451 IMG00074-20131228-1451 IMG00073-20131228-1451DSC_0096DSC_0097And the last is a picture of some of the local inhabitants taking an afternoon nap.

Ulus.  Those who come to visit us will be charmed as we are of this unique place.

– Keep kicking.  Dwaine