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A few weeks ago, I had to do some work in Adana, about 6 hours southeast of Ankara.  When I worked in Ethiopia, all our constituent posts were reached by plane, but here in Turkey we take a vehicle.

It affords me a chance to see what the Turkish countryside looks like, from the mountains to the plains, including the second largest salt lake in the world.  Second only to what we have in Utah.

I took this trip three years ago and found it beautiful.  On the way back, we stopped at a restaurant that specializes in lamb chops.  I know for a fact I could eat a whole kilo and a half by myself. (About 3 lbs)  Outside the restaurant was a spice dealer selling his goods.


Everywhere in Turkey, you will find all kinds of nuts, (the food type) and they are not only plentiful, but inexpensive.  I do not see as many walnuts and pecans as much as all the rest.  At the Consulate in Adana, the back part of the property had perhaps 100 citrus trees, from lemons to grapefruits to oranges.  Some of them have been removed for construction, but they add an interesting effect to the compound.

Then this past week I traveled northwest to Istanbul for some work, and fell in love with the ancient and enchanted city.  I stayed at the Hilton on the Bosphorus Strait, which divides Istanbul – the Asian side and the Europe side.

bosporus-wiki-gnu-map bosporusBelow is a sunrise picture through dirty windows on the 9th floor.

20131121_070656Good Morning, Turkey!

Every place we sat to eat, food was brought out as soon as we sat down.

IMG00046-20131122-1428And at a restaurant in Adana, I had broiled fish served in a clay bowl.

IMG00023-20131105-1248You know, I could easily get fat in this country.  More Later.

Kick butt.     D.

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