I never really had much of an excitement for Halloween, as it just seemed to be something for the children and those who look for an excuse to party.  So I was rather surprised when my bosses (and many other offices) started preparations a month ahead for decorating the offices.  But, I guess it’s their thing.

Friday, November 1st, the Embassy hosted an afternoon for the children to safely scour the Embassy grounds for treats in lieu of tricks.  Many people pulled their vehicles into the parking area and had their trunks set up for the disbursement of the treats.  Below are some of the pics I took, although some didn’t come out very well, due to the low light.

IMG00003-20131101-1652 IMG00011-20131101-1657  IMG00009-20131101-1655 IMG00008-20131101-1654 IMG00006-20131101-1653 IMG00004-20131101-1653Don’t be scared, but here are some of the local ghouls.

IMG00018-20131101-1742 IMG00016-20131101-1741 IMG00015-20131101-1732 IMG00014-20131101-1706 IMG00013-20131101-1705IMG00010-20131101-1656Next year, I will be better prepared with a good camera.  D.