It’s been a hectic last few weeks as I went to Port Louis, Mauritius to install some new equipment.  We worked some long tiring hours.  Terese came with me and was able to spend a lot of time on the beach and along the shops near the docks.  She deserves it and very much enjoyed it, plus there were a few days I was able to spend with her.

One day at noon, another co-worker and I went with Ayten to a small restaurant serving local food.  Ayten is one of our RSTs – the local security guys we work with.  He is a short round man with a bubbly mind, which makes it a task to talk to him at times.  Worse than talking to my daughter in her teen years.

The RSTs like to eat at that restaurant because the food is plentiful and cheap.  Sitting with Ayten will always yield an interesting discussion.  I like to talk with him just to see what’s in his mind.

We got into a discussion on religion.  He’s an Orthodox Christian but doesn’t adhere to the fasting and the rituals.  He said he will eat pork when he wants, but his wife and kids do not.  So, I asked him a hypothetical question I like to ask ornery people.  What follows is the conversation.

Ayten let me ask you something.

Okay, okay.                                

When you become very old …

Yes, yes.        

…  and you die.

Oh, no, no, no!         

Ayten you have to die sometime.

Okay, okay.

When you see Saint Peter at the gates of Heaven …

Yes, yes.

… what will He say to you?

Ayten leaned way back in his chair and threw his arms wide open and exclaimed, Welcome!  Welcome, my friend!

I cannot think it would be far from the truth.

When I got home, I had a day to prepare for another trip to Djibouti where I am now.  We had some outside repairs to perform, and luckily the cloud cover kept most of the direct sun off of us, but with the heat it was like working in an oven.  But I do have one day to sit out by the pool and relax before going back to work in the morning.  So, I’m sitting in a small coffee shop at the hotel and jotted these thoughts down now that I have a chance.

The next month will be very busy as I still have one more trip to make while we are packing out.  So, more later when time permits.

 Kick butt.  D.