She will not be able to take her government exam until she delivers her first baby, and the school has to turn in the paperwork next week.

Last Monday we went up on the hill to eat, and I did my best to keep Hiwot on her toes.  After eating, I asked her if she delivered the little one yet, and she answered, No.  Then her and Terese started talking about school.  I really wish I could understand what she says, because what little I do catch, added with her facial expressions and her laughter, tells me it must be amusing.

As a child, she idolized a woman she knows, (may be an Aunt) who is in the medical field.  She always wears white, which is the reason Hiwot keeps referring to her as “pure”.  So Hiwot decided to follow her profession because she also likes helping people; but didn’t know if she would enjoy nursing.  Now after getting into it, she loves it.  If it just wasn’t for that damn “delivering a baby” part.

I would love to meet her again in ten years, because with her intelligence and compassion, she will be an incredible nurse.  I would not be surprised if she advances further, perhaps becoming a doctor.  And I would not be surprised if she ended up as a Obstetrician.  There are times I wish I was a wealthy man and could pay for the education of good young people like Hiwot.

Here’s the clincher.  After she graduates this Summer, for the first few years she will have to work where the Government tells her to work, and right now, she has been assigned to the Maternity Ward.  I did catch her saying,  Maybe I don’t want to be nurse now.

I cannot help but think the Good Lord has an ornery sense of humor.