I’m flying out again this afternoon and wanted to give a quick catching up post before leaving.

As I noted before, Hywät has the two little dots above the “a” on her name, like a little creature peeking out from behind it.  I asked her if she puts the two little dots there like my computer does, and after a tussle with translation, and with Terese’s help, she basically said, what “a”?   I asked her to write her name in English and she did.  In a way I think it may have been a mistake.  Turns out she spells it “Hiwot”.

So I have a bit of a quandary.  Should I continue using “Hywät” with the two little dots, or succumb to her spelling of it.  I spent no little time thinking about this and decided to go by her spelling but refuse to go back and change her name in the past.  What is past is past.

So she will henceforth be known as Hywät, … er,  Hiwot.

A few months ago, I gave blood at the Embassy.  It had been more than two years since I was able to and it felt good to do it again.  In the States they ask you a battery of questions which include if I had sex with this person or that person.  Or if I ever used illegal drugs?  What countries I had been it, etc.  Giving blood here was simple.  How much do you weigh and what pills do you take?  Quick and simple.

Michael, our Day Guard/Gardener, lives with his Grandparents who basically raised him.  Grandfather passed away a few weeks ago.  I met the 87 year old gentleman last year and was instantly fond of him.  His hand shake was firm and his smile was genuine.  We both started bowing to each other and soon we were both bouncing up and down.

Grandfather had arthritis and took cortisone shots for the pain.  Somewhere in there, he acquired a staph infection that he was not able to shake.  Surgery just made it worse and he became bed ridden.  Terese, being a very compassionate lady, suggested we help Michael purchase a wheelchair for him so Grandfather could be moved around and retain some semblance of normalcy.  But before Michael could get him one, he passes away.  Terese told Michael to keep the money to help bury the good man.  He was most gracious.

Okay.  Enough for now.  I’ll be back later.  Until then, kick butt and whatever anyone else tells you, don’t stop.