In great anticipation for the end of the world, friends of ours had a “End of the World” party on Friday night, the 21st, on our rooftop terrace.  As you may have noticed, the world did not end, but kept on going like it didn’t know anything was out of the ordinary.  In reality, nothing was.  There were many pictures taken, but I cannot show many of them since they include faces.  But I gave the camera to a young girl who took many pictures, but for some reason, either she didn’t know how to look through a viewfinder, or just had a fetish for feet, she took several pictures without the faces. IMG_1965sIMG_1968sIMG_1964sIMG_1974sAnd then, there were acrobats!IMG_2009sIMG_1981sIMG_1943sThen it turned out to be a trick!!IMG_1956sAnd then, last but not least, is the Gardener from next door.  Shawn.IMG_2026s

Well, unfortunately, there probably will never be another End of the World party, so it was nice to attend at least one.   D.