The head of the Housekeeping team is Pedro.  Pedro’s people go through the offices to clean and empty the trash, and I find them to be good people at the core.

Every Thursday morning Pedro comes to my shop/office and cleans, and a few months ago he cleaned my coffee cup.  For serious coffee drinkers, this is a big No-No.  I am proud of the seasoned cup I drink my coffee from.  So, it being his first time, I gently chewed his butt out and told him not to do it again.  (evidently, he must not be a coffee drinker)

Well, Thursday afternoon, I looked for my coffee cup and did not readily find it.  I sat at my desk perusing the last hours since drinking coffee to determine where I left it.  This is not an unusual thing for me to do, as my cup accompanies me regularly, and as in the past I had to acquiesce it would eventually show up.

So, I went to get a different cup and noticed there was another `Turkish’ cup like the one I normally use.  It took several seconds to realize, I only have one `Turkish’ cup and this was it, except it had been cleaned.  Again.

I will not repeat the words that came to mind about Pedro.

So, me being a forgiving man I decided not to chew his butt out, but left a permanent reminder for him not to wash my cup again.  I created a notice that I place directly on the coffee cup in a language he would understand.  “Do Not Wash” We’ll see if he can read.