I think I have solved the problem with the images with Micah’s help.

It is Autumn in Brazil.  The warm weather that the Brazilians think is hot, is gone.  It no longer rains almost everyday and the weather is cooler at nights.  Walking to work the other day, I realized the trees here never loose all their leaves, but gradually drop them throughout the year.  I find it to be a solemn feeling, knowing the trees are constantly replenishing themselves as they continue through their lives.  Like we do.

I am learning the tricks of cooking and am proud to say I am improving.  My second batch of beans turned out well, although I didn’t add anything to them.  Just the kinda white beans that indeed turned brown.  I added salt and placed them on a bed of rice.  Simple and nice.

The third batch were black beans with plenty of potatoes, and very lean bacon.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the bacon as it was a beautiful piece of meat, as far as beauty goes for meat.  I also prepared another pan of cornbread, which I thought was not the sweet kind I made last time, but was.  I am beginning to think the Brazilians do not eat cornbread unless it is sweet.

The food availability differs greatly from country to country.  Here in Brazil, they do not like strong or spicy food.  I love pickles, especially with my hot dogs.  I found a jar in my household shipment but sadly they did not last.  I bought a jar of pickles at the store down the street, but they only sell one brand which had a bland taste. Very disappointing. Maybe I should try making my own pickles, too.

I bought two different brands of hot dogs to see if I could find a brand worth purchasing.  They both were very disappointing.  Both were different colors, and both tasted like the Vienna sausages you buy in the can in the States.  One day when I was at the store, I noticed a section that had large sausages.  Usually packaged two to a pack.  So, I bought one, took it home and found them to be perfectly delicious.  So, instead of the drab, Vienna sausage tasting hotdogs, I take the sausages and slice them lengthwise and use those.  Very nice tasting.

My vehicle arrived a few months ago, and got it register and tagged.  I drove it to work about 3-4 times, and only got lost 3-4 times.  Thank goodness for GPS.  I realize the roads are just a rough as the sidewalks.  My vehicle is heavy, so it takes the roads rather harsh.  I believe that is the reason why people drive slow.

I still prefer to walk to work, but I will use the vehicle if I need to take something to/from work.  When I walk, it is 5 blocks.  Aside from the broken sidewalks trying to trip me, (the large trees do a number on them) it is a pleasant walk.  But when I drive, it is 14 blocks.  There are very few places you can make a left hand turn, so when I drive to work, I have to go the opposite direction for a few blocks, just so I can turn around.  Then I drive right past my apartment.  I could wave to myself if I was on my balcony.

Over the years I have tried my best to keep up with Technology.  It is not easy because it comes and goes like a fart in a windstorm.  But I did manage to grab hold of the voice-activated control that is becoming popular.  I have several of the Amazon Echos in my apartment.  I have them set up with several devices to do things that only a lazy man would want done.  I use it to wake me up in the morning.  The previous night, I will say, Echo, wake me up at 6am.  And she will gleefully say, Okay. Alarm set for 6am tomorrow morning. And at 6am, she will play pleasant music for me. Then I will say, Echo, turn on the coffee, and she will gleefully say, Okay. When I get to the point that I can crawl out of bed with creaking joints and stagger into the kitchen, the coffee is ready to drink.

She has control over various lights in the apartment.  I can tell her, Echo, turn on the balcony lights.  And she will gleefully say, Okay.  And the lights come on.  Same with lights in my office and living room.

I watch very few shows on TV, but I enjoy watching the re-runs of the series House.  So, as I come home from work I will say, Echo, turn on House.  And she will gleefully say, Okay.  And the TV comes on with the correct channel for House.  She is very obedient.  More so than my kids were.  I can sit out on my balcony and tell her to play some Opera, and she does.  I cannot imagine my kids doing that.

I realized Terese has moved on to the next level in Life and she is okay.  I will continue on with this life until Fate calls me to return Home.  I cannot feel sorry for myself, and will grasp Life anyway I can.  I am content.  I do not expect anything else from myself other than the tasks set before me by the Creator.  For everyone else, keep kicking butt.   D.